Thursday, June 24, 2010

The 1st far

Here ye! Here ye!

Come one and come all!

We've successfully made it to the tenth week!! What does this mean? It means that we're ABOUT to enter the second trimester and Jade can finally get her A off the couch and back to cleaning and cooking.

What's with these pregnant chicks, anyhow? You give em an inch (or six, el-oh-el) and they take a mile. They want BACK RUBS and they want LOTION rubbed on their bellies and it's wah-wah-wah, I'm sick, I'm gonna puke, boo hoo.

Honestly, I've been debating just locking her in the bathroom with a portable DVD player and a family bucket of KFC for the next few weeks but I have a feeling that it would someday come back to haunt me.

That said, we've been working on a fancy time lapse photography video and have decided to post the first few photos in photo fashion, as seen below.

It's funny. We thought that with twins she would be REALLY showing by now but.....well, it seems that the room has actually changed more than she has.

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Rach said...

Looking good for at 9 weeks!

Terry Elisabeth said...

Twins ?! Not even showing. Congratulations !

Elaine VanDRiver said...

Yay! I was waiting for an update. Congrats! Ya look good!!!

daega99 said...



Kaitake said...

You look fabulous! And the room seems to change so much around you.

DVD player and a bucket of chicken - bahahahaha! :P

All the best :)

Emmy said...

Looking good! I love the room transformation- how fun to have that documented too! Congratulations!

Chelle said...

I didn't realize I hadn't read the blog for a while. TWINS?! That is AWESOME! Congrats guys! I am so excited for you. :D

The room really has changed quite a bit. ;) Don't worry, the tummy will change quickly too.

Laura said...

You look great and I love how the room is changing with your looks!! I wonder what will come next!

Waiting Lisa said...

I love how you did the pictures-- of you and the room changing. Awesome idea.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, looking great!!

cainml said...

I love time-lapsed photos...and why is it taking so long to re-do that room?! A little paint here, a little paint there a week later, more paint a week after that... just kidding :) It looks great and so does she!

megjean said...

Yeah! Congrats. The room looks good too. haha

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